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The River Sallee Sulphur Springs are located in Levera National Park. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the Park.

How to get to River Sallee Sulphur Springs.

Getting to River Sallee Sulphur  springs is pretty easy.  From the capital, St.George; you will drive 1 mile North east wards to St. Patrick Parish. The River Sallee Sulphur  Springs are precisely located at the Southern Side of Levera National Park.

 River Sallee Sulphur Springs.

There are precisely 6 boiling Springs with a water temperature of about 35 degrees celcius( 95 degrees F). All these wonderful springs are concentrated in land of 594 square meters where the surface is composed of soft volcanic sediments.

Some of the springs have been enlarged enough such that visits can get into them and witness the boiling temperatures or the rumored healing powers that are associated with bathing in these waters.  Like any Geyser and hot springs, you can simply test the temperature by carrying out any activity that you may wish.

At the end of the journey, you will surely have a grateful heart after having witnessed so much within a short time.  For the clients who want to have a wonderful beach experience, it is possible to have a stopover at the levera beach either before or after the trip to the River Sallee Sulphur Springs.

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