Grenada Excursions.

In addition to our organized tours, guests have the option of customizing a half or full-day experience. Listed tourist sites below are just a few of the most popular locations frequently visited on the Isle of Spice. If you are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, we can develop a trip designed just for you.

Annandale Waterfall

annandale waterfalls Grenada

This 30 foot waterfall is one of the closest waterfalls to the town of St. George’s. Visitors can walk through the gorgeous gardens which inhabits a mass variety of lush flowers and plants, cool off along the river rocks, or watch the cliff jumpers plunge into the crystal pool.

Belmont Estate

Belmont estate Grenada

Home of one of the best examples of agro-tourism in Grenada, Belmont Estate offers visitors a wealth of options starting from an organic cocoa production tour, fine local cuisine, goat dairy farm, arts and crafts co-operative, gardens, and much more.

Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery

Clarkes Court Rum Distillery Grenada

In operation since 1937, Clarke’s Court Rum is the largest distillery on the island. Visitors are offered tours and tasting from the extensive variety of rum products.

Diamond Chocolate Factory.

Diamond chocolate Factory Grenada

Commonly known as Jouvay Chocolate, this enterprise is a cooperative and joint venture by the local cocoa farmers. Visitors can enjoy a tour, gift shop, and a café highlighting the wealth of options to use their products.

Concord Waterfall

Concord waterfalls grenada

Consisting of actually three waterfalls (Concord, Au Coin, Fontainbleu), Concord Waterfalls provides visitors with hiking options, roadside photographs, or dips in the crystal pools.

Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick Grenada

Fort Frederick, a stone’s throw from Her Majesty’s Prison in Richmond Hill, is a bastion type fort which offers a stunning panoramic view of the southern part of the island.

Grand Etang National Park and Lake

Grand etang lake View Grenada

The Grand Etang Rainforest acts as the foundation for Grenada’s best and highest hiking and trekking adventures. Visitors can feed bananas to the Mona monkeys, feed the fish in the Grand Etang Lake, and relax in the cool rainforest breeze to the beautiful sounds of Grenada’s variety of birds.

Leaper’s Hill

Leapers hill Grenada

In revolt of the French invasion and occupation of Grenada (formerly Camerhogne), the Caribs jumped to their death off this cliff to circumvent foreign colonial rule and enslavement.

Gouvaye Nutmeg Processing Station

Gouyave Nutmeg Plant Grenada

One of the largest nutmeg processing stations on the island, visitors can learn the extensive history of how Grenada became the “Isle of Spice” and the personal touch the workers give to the multiple components of the nutmeg for processing, selling, and exporting.

Pearls Airport

Pearls airport Grenada

Grenada’s first airport and the home of Cold War era history such as an old, dilapidated Cubana Airlines passenger aircraft and Soviet crop duster. Visitors will learn more about how this airport played a pivotal role in the 1983 U.S. Intervention/Invasion.

River Antoine Estate

river antoine rum grenada

In operation since 1785, River Antoine Rum Distillery is the oldest functioning water-powered distillery in the Caribbean. Its charm lies in the fact that much hasn’t changed in its production which can brag of its 138 to 150% proof rum.

Spice Market (St. George’s )

Spice market Grenada

Walking tours are available in the newly renovated spice markets in the towns of St. George’s and Grenville. Meet the local vendors and get a first hand experience of the countless varieties of spices, fruits, and vegetables sold each day to their loyal customers.

Seven Sisters Waterfall

seven sisters Grenada

Located within the Grand Etang Rainforest, Seven Sisters consists of multiple waterfalls all flowing into each other. Visitors have the option of hiking to the two main waterfalls with tranquil pools or be adventurous in quest for the least trekked waterfalls.

Sulfur Springs

Sulphur spring Grenada

The sulfur spring in Mirabeau, St. Andrew's allow guests to become one with nature and reap in the mineral benefits.

The Carenage

carenage Grenada

Known as one of the most beautiful inner-harbors in the Caribbean, the Carenage is a promenade in the town of St. George’s lined with colonial-era buildings, fishing boats, and local cuisine.