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River Antoine Rum Distillery in Grenada has been functional since the 1785. This wonderful Distillery is located at River  Antoine Estate in St. Patrick.

The Estate Name “ Antoine” Was delivered from the Captain Antoine who was a  Kalinago chief with whom the French settlers Sought peace following a series of conflicts.

During the visit the Distillery, you will be amazed at how this factory has kept its old ways of processing Rum. The River Antoine Rum Distillery is the only Distillery in the Caribbean whose engines are propelled by water. This simply makes a visit to the Distillery such a unique experience.

River Antoine Factory Tour.

The Process of the Rum manufacturing at the distillery goes back to the colonial era. The huge waterwheel which is about 8 meters high is powered by water which is channeled from the River. The wheel in turn drives the machinery at the factory which includes the Sugar cane crusher.

This wonderful crusher extracts the sugar cane juice from the sugar canes which are loaded unto the wooden conveyor. The workers at the distillery push the sugarcane into the crusher.

The Sugar cane juice is separated from the residue cane which is used as a fertilizer and mulch for the cane fields.

The extracted juice is then loaded into the enormous copper bowl which is heated to ensure that the juice develops its sugar concentration.

Other processes continue until the Rum is finally manufactured. You will have the chance to fully see and learn the entire process once you visit the Distillery.

After this wonderful Factory tour experience, you will have the chance to try some of the Rivers Rum either in its neat form or as a blended rum Punch.

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Duration of the Tour:

It takes approximately 5 hours to enjoy the trip.