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Mount Carmel waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Grenada ; these wonderful waterfalls stand at 70 feet.

How to get to Mount Carmel waterfalls?

The Mount Carmel Waterfalls are easy accessible although they are less-frequently visit. The Falls are located on the eastern side of the Island from the Capital St. George. It takes approximately 45 minutes to drive from St. George to the nearest stopover of the Mount Carmel Waterfalls. From the main road, you will always pass through a private property of plantations with wonderful hills and Valleys. You hike for about 20 minutes under the guidance of a driver or tour guide to the falls. This great hike is worth the time.

Upon arrival at the waterfalls, you can simply participate in any of the tourism activities.

Mount Carmel Waterfalls hike Grenada.


Appreciate nature upon arrival at the waterfalls, the waterfalls is surrounded by beauty. There are plenty of trees and different parts that surround the waterfalls. It always feels great to just relax and enjoy this wonderful environment.  A camera or any photo taking device is a must-carry during this great trip. You can either take videos or photos during your adventure around the Mount Carmel


Swimming is the most popular activity at the waterfalls. Simply enjoy the swim or bath in the waterfalls while enjoying the serene environment.

After the best sightseeing experience, you will be guided to another section of the river where you will be able to participate in Swimming in the natural pools- it is simply stunning and memorable.  This is also a popular spot for local kids who can be seen sliding down the small falls.

At the end of this amazing tour, you will surely have pretty of memories to cherish.

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