Tube swimming Grenada

Places to Visit:

  • Lowther’s Lane Lookout.
  • Concord Waterfall.
  • Nutmeg Processing Plant.
  • Diamond Chocolate Factory.
  • Belmont Estate.
  • River Antoine Rum Distillery.
  • Pearls Airport Airstrip.
  • Grenville Town.
  • Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve.

Grenada Spice Island tour.

The “Spice Island All-Day, All-Inclusive Tour” begins in the south of the island during the morning hours to ensure a full day of fun and adventure.

The first stop of the tour will drive past the Botanical Gardens located in Tanteen, St. George’s, close to the Ministerial Governmental Complex, to Lowther’s Lane where guests can see a beautiful lookout of The Carenage and Lagoon Road.  Next, we follow the western coastline towards Concord Waterfall where guests can take a cool dip without any hiking required as the waterfall is steps away from the road.

After these refreshing waters, we move onto to Gouvaye, the “Village that Next Sleeps” and locally known “Fishing Village of Grenada,” for a tour of the Nutmeg Processing Plant, an engaging experience of the multiple uses of our wonderful nutmeg, our main spice we claim as the “Isle of Spice.”

After nutmeg, we move onto chocolate at the Diamond Chocolate Factory as guests can take a tour of the grounds and sample local, organic dark chocolate in all its glory.  Guests will be ready for lunch at the Belmont Estate located in St. Patrick’s, the most northern parish on the island.

After lunch guests can tour the gorgeous grounds filled with cocoa, lush gardens, and historical plantation history.  We make our journey towards the eastern side of the island to take a step back in time at the River Antoine Rum Distillery, the Caribbean’s oldest functioning water-propelled distillery originating since the 1800’s.

Next, a short stop at the Pearls Airport Airstrip to take pictures with a Cold War era airplane.  We then drive to the heart of Grenville to take a tour of the second largest town in Grenada so guests can experience country sights, smells, and tastes.  We conclude the day with the Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve to cool off and experience the flourishing rainforest scenery.

Duration of the Tour: 3 hours.

It takes just 3 hours to complete this amazing trip however we are always open for any suggestion, should you want to add more activities to your trip, we will always make the necessary adjustments.