Clarkes Court Rum Distillery Grenada

Places to Visit:

  • Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery.
  • Westerhall Rum Estate.
  • Diamond Chocolate Factory.
  • Belmont Estate.
  • River Antoine Rum Distillery.

 Grenada Rum and Chocolate Trip.

Rum, Chocolate, Spice, oh my!  The “Full Day All Rum and Chocolate Tour” is dedicated to all things rum and chocolate to let guests experience first-hand that Grenada is much more than spices and beaches.  We begin at Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery located in Woodlands, St. George, ten minutes from the Grand Anse Beach.

Clarke’s Court has been in operations since 1937 and is the largest distillery on the island.  Guests are exposed to the working operations of this distillery with tasting sample bar to get the day started on the right foot.

Ten minutes away is our second distillery on the agenda, Westerhall Rum Estate, surrounded by the beauty of sugar cane fields.  Westerhall Rum Estate has been in operations since the 1900’s and along with a tour, guests are able to taste rums ranging from 40% to 69% alcohol per volume.

We cut across the island to view village life and coastal scenery to move north to savor the sweet, deep flavors of organic cocoa in multiple forms.  The Diamond Chocolate Factory, locally known as Jouvay Chocolate, is located in the parish of St. Mark’s and prides themselves as “Grenada grown, farmer owned bean-to-bar chocolate.”

Guests can take a factory tour or an agro-tour of its modern organic cocoa farm, both ending in opportunities to stock up on chocolate bars, cocoa nibs, cocoa powders, cocoa butter and much more.

Guests will be ready for lunch at the Belmont Estate located in St. Patrick’s, the most northern parish on the island.  After lunch guests can tour the gorgeous grounds filled with cocoa, lush gardens, and historical plantation history.

We make our journey towards the eastern side of the island to take a step back in time at the River Antoine Rum Distillery, the Caribbean’s oldest functioning water-propelled distillery originating since the 1800’s.  Operations have not changed much over the centuries as guests will be able to see rum making in its truest form resulting in the strongest rum on the island at 75% alcohol per volume.

Duration of the Trip.

It takes approximately 6 hours to complete the trip.