Nutmeg final Grenada

The Gouyave Nutmeg processing Station is one of the largest Nutmeg Processing factories on the island. The great Nutmeg process plant is located in the Gouvaye Village.

The Factory is owned by the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association which is composed of different farmers who agreed to sell their produce exclusively through the Co-operative. The Factory was constructed in 1947 on the site of the former coastal battery that was built by the French in 1700s.

Grenada nutmeg Tour.

During the visit to the Factory, you will have the chance to see, taste and Smell the Nutmeg while learning about its uses. At the Factory, you will see the Nutmeg fruit in its raw form, and then see how it is processed for export and local consumption.

The Nutmeg fruit is soaked into the Gouyave Nutmeg Pool which allows the seeds to separate from the pods. The seeds are then dried for 6 to 8 weeks and later sorted according to quality and size. You will have the chance to see the local factory workers at work as they carry out the different processes. Millions of pounds of Nutmeg are exported each year.

At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to buy the different souvenirs such as packaged spices, clothes and other locally made items.

Activities at the Factory.

There are plenty of other activities that you can participate in during this tour. Gouyave is a fishing Village in Grenada, it is possible to add a fishing activity unto this trip.

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