Castle in Grenada

The Fort Frederick in Grenada is one of the best tourism attractions on the Island that offers the best spectacular sightseeing views of the capital, St. George.

The Fort is on top of Richmond Hill at the Center of St. George. This wonderful Fort was built by the French in 1779. The French built Fort Frederick to secure their rule and position after they had captured the Island from the British.

Fort Frederick Tour.

The Fort is atop the Richmond hill and it is just 1 and quarter miles East of St. George on the Road to St. Paul

During the tour to the Fort, you will have the chance to know more about the history of this well-preserved Fort in Grenada. You will learn about its history and in addition, you will have the best stunning panoramic views of the Carenage, Fort George, The Harbor and other iconic landmarks in St. George.

Simply relax and have a clear bird’s view of this great city.  During the tour, you will have the chance to the take as many photos as possible and in case you want more, prepare your cameras for a simple video.

You will have the chance to walk through the short dark tunnels at the base of the Fort, here a touch is necessary as there is no lighting at the tunnels.

For those that want to have the best sunrise experience, Visit the Fort in the morning and watch the sun rise over St. George. It is simply stunning.

In case you decide to visit in the evening, you will have the best sunset view of the island. Watch the sun disappear from the skies covering St. George.

Time to visit the Fort.

Whatever time of the day that you choose to visit the Fort, you will surely have a great time.

For those who have more time in Grenada, it is possible to visit the neighboring Fort Matthew which is 150Km away for another sightseeing experience.

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