Concord waterfalls grenada

The Concord waterfalls in Grenada are some of the famous attractions to visit during your tour into the country. The waterfalls are located 20km in Grenada’s West Coast. The beauty of visiting these waterfalls is that they are easily accessible. They are the only waterfalls which are accessible without hiking.

On arrival at the waterfalls, you will surely cool off and just enjoy the beautiful rainforest surroundings. Relax as you take as many photos as you wish and for those that would like to record everything, a video is suitable.

Concord falls hike Grenada.

After spending quality time at the falls, you could decide to visit the spice vendors at the top of the falls which will give you another opportunity of buying and tasting some of the favorite spices grown in Grenada. For those who want to know more about the Spices, you will be able to learn more about how these spices are grown and their cultivation processes.

Since the surrounding areas are rainforest, there are plenty of tree species around the Waterfalls. You can take time to learn about the different tree spices and their contribution to society.

At the end of the Concord Waterfalls Experience, you will surely know everything about the Waterfalls.

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Price of the visit to Concord Waterfalls.

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What is the distance between Concord Waterfalls St. George.

It is approximately about 12.5 miles from St. George to the Concord Waterfalls.

What is the best time to visit the Concord Water falls?

The concord water falls can be visited throughout the year.