Taking the tour to the Clarke’s court Rum Distillery in Grenada will surely give you a better understanding of the detailed process of making Rum in Grenada. The Grenada Distillers Limited who is manufacturers of the popular Clarke’s court Rum started operation in 1937. The Distiller is located in the woodlands Valley which is part of the St. George, the Capital of Grenada

The Clarke’s court Rum derived its name from the Clarke’s court Bay in Woodlands which is a few meters away from the Factory.

Rum Distillery Tour Grenada.

During the tour to the Distillery, you will have the chance to visit several historical sites which document the history of the largest and best-known distillery in Grenada, The Clarke’s court Rum Distillery.

You will be welcomed by a wonderful tour guide who will explain the history of the factory as well as going through the different processes of making Rum. You will learn the best distilling process from Sugar cane, Molasses and Syrup to Rum and also the different aging process that the Rum goes through to give it the best taste. In addition, you will learn about the blending and packing processes. The tour guide will later give you a tour to the Old steam engines some dating as back as 1886.

After the adventurous tour of the factory, you will be escorted to the Hospitality center where the Clarke’s court products are displayed. For those who want to taste the different flavors of the Rum, you will be invited to the sample bar for the best tasting experience.

By the end of this great tour, you will surely be soaked with different experiences about Rum making in Grenada.

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