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The Carenage in Grenada is a bustling and lively waterfront Promenade which is located in St. George, the capital of Grenada. This wonderful waterfront is lined up with beautiful seafood restaurants, cafes, shops and picturesque colonial-era building. Carenage is a French word which means “ Safe Achorage.”

You will have the chance to spot different colorful boats as they load to leave for other islands in Grenada or simply welcoming them as they come in.

There are plenty of activities that you can participate in during your tour to the Carenage.

Grenada Carenage Trip.

Go for a food tasting tour.

Grenada is known as the spice island. A lot of wonderful spices are grown on the island.  There are a number of spices grown which include the nutmeg, mace, Turmeric, cloves, Cinnamon, bay leaf, Ginger, pimento, and several others as well as several different fruits which grown on the island such as Sugar cane, Papaya, Mangoes, sugar Apples, Dums, and others.

Simply enjoy the fresh fruits by visiting the nearby open-air market.

There are many sea food restaurants around the Carenage where you could go and have the best taste of the different sea foods across the island.  If you are simply interested in local or international cuisines, you will have different options during the tour.

Go for a walk.

Take a wonderful walk along the Carenage as you observe different colonial-era buildings and the local people going about their own business. It is pretty interesting to mingle with the local society and just enjoy the local experience.


Carry your Camera or any photo taking device to the Carenage and enjoy the different sightseeing moments. Whatever pleases your eyes, take a photo of it. You will surely have a wonderful time in Carenage.

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