seven sisters Grenada

The seven Sisters waterfalls are a must-visit for those who would like to take a great hiking tour in Grenada. The seven Sisters are located in the rainforest of Grand Etang, They are seven unique waterfalls and hence the name seven Sisters.

The entire trip to the seven sisters usually takes about 3 hours. You will descend through the rainforest which is composed of Bamboo trees. For an easy walk and to ensure that you are perfectly safe, the beaten path to the waterfalls are covered by wooden steps on the steeply parts to avoid any kind of accident.

Seven Sisters waterfalls hike Tour.

Upon arrival at the waterfalls, you will surely be immersed into nature. You can take a swim as you relax in these great waters. For the adventurous travellers, there is an access road at the top of the waterfalls where you can simply just off into the waterfalls. It is pretty safe to jump off from the top of the falls.

The water is cool enough for any kind of swim. You can enjoy the experience at any time of the year.

After this wonderful experience, it is possible to visit the Grand Etang Lake or to simply participate in any other activities.

The Seven sisters will surely give you a better understanding of Grenada. Simply escape the bustle and hassles of the city to the seven sisters Waterfalls.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are the seven sisters open to visitors throughout the year?

Yes, you can take a tour to the seven sisters waterfalls throughout the year.