building at Belmont Estate Grenada

The Belmont Estate is one of the historic plantations in the Caribbean. The Estate started operating in the 17th century and it is still growing stronger. The Belmont Estate is located in St. Patrick which is an hours’ drive from the capital city, St. George.

There are plenty of activities to be part of during the visit to the Estate.

Belmont Estate Grenada.

Bean to bar Chocolate Grenada Tour.

Have you ever wondered how that tasty chocolate is made? During this wonderful bean to bar chocolate Tour, you will visit the cocoa plantations where you will have the chance to see, smell, and taste the cocoa.

You will be able to learn the different processes of transforming cocoa beans into chocolate bars. This is a lifetime experience that is so fascinating.  You will be explained by a wonderful experienced cocoa specialist.

Grenada Historical Tour.

Journey into the 300 year of the existence of this great Estate, the Belmont Estate started in the 17th century. During this tour, you will learn about the history of this great Belmont Estate.

How the managers and owners have managed to thrive the estate from the 17th century until now. In addition, you will also visit the heritage Museum where you will learn about the different facts about the Estate.

Tropical Garden Tour.

During this tour, you will visit the different gardens in the Estate to learn about how certain plants are grown, their importance and how they have contributed to the development of the society.

You will stand the chance to visit the herb Garden, Sugar mill Garden, Vanilla Garden and the Greenhouse. In addition, there is always a great chance to spot different wildlife species within the gardens which include Monkeys, Parrots and Tortoise.

Goat Diary Grenada.

There is a big pilot goat diary project at the Belmont Estate. The diary Project is a non-profit endeavor which was initiated to support and empower the local low-income farmers.

Belmont Farm Tour.

During this tour, you will hop a 4×4 car and drive through the different terrain while observing the cocoa gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, waterfalls, and the dry forest. You will stand the chance to see and taste some of the fruits and the cocoa in the garden.

For tourists who want to buy souvenirs, there is a fully stocked gift shop at the Estate which is stocked with different locally made items.

There is also a fully-functional restaurant which serves local Grenada dishes as well as international cuisines.

There is plenty to enjoy during your tour to the Belmont Estate in Grenada. Book your Belmont Estate Tour in Grenada with Burris Taxi & Tours.